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Kubernetes dev environment with K3s, Longhorn and a private registry
Sunday, August 15th 2021
In this article we will create a complete k8s dev environment with dynamic storage provisioning and a private registry on K3S.
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Kubernetes Horizontal Pod Autoscaler using external metrics
Friday, April 23rd 2021
Scaling out in a k8s cluster is the job of the Horizontal Pod Autoscaler, or HPA for short. The HPA allows users to scale their application based on a plethora of metrics such as CPU or memory utilization. This is all well and good but what happens if you want to scale out your application based on an application-specific business metric?
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Spring Boot development with VSCode and WSL2
Saturday, March 27th 2021
In this article we will get a development setup for Spring Boot projects using VSCode and WSL2. It's been a while since I last tried to use VSCode for Java development. Last time I decided not to make the switch from IntelliJ IDEA.IntelliJ IDEA is a wonderful project. Jetbrains have trully created something beautiful. There's only a small caveat. It costs lots of money.Ever try to convince your boss to switch development for your team from something free (Netbeans, Eclipse [sic]) to IDEA? The argument "can do the same things but more efficiently, and it costs loads of money" doesn't fly well.
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Linux sucks
Wednesday, July 22nd 2020
Today in a state of ultimate boredom I decided that I would configure my personal laptop with Ubuntu. Now, don't get me wrong, I hate this piece of sh*t as much as the next guy, but I hear that QHD scaling works out of the box with recent versions of Ubuntu. In the past i had bad experience with setting up various applications on the distro of my choosing (Debian/XFCE). GTK applications behaved a certain way, QT another. Last time i tried that it took me a good full day to get things "decent".
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Breaking the monolith
Tuesday, August 14th 2018
We have all heard about the benefits of Microservices vs the Monolith. But did anyone stop to think about the pitfalls? In this article we will go through the pros and cons of Microservices along with a strategy for a smooth transition from your Monolith to the fabled Microservices architecture. We will determine the optimal path for the transition and discuss the trade-offs that will need to happen.
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The Death of Adventure Gaming
Sunday, May 27th 2018
I have been playing computer games ever since i had a computer, a long time ago. That was the wondrous era of the adventure games. Many large companies such as Sierra and Lucasarts were producing quality adventure games. I was happy. But then something changed. All these companies gradually stopped producing adventure games in the favor of the ever increasingly popular action and sport genres (amongst others).
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